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OGSI CFP-15M included in ADS Turnkey UN Level 2 Mobile Hospital Solution

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Convenience and Independence

The Model CFP-15M combines the high pressure and variable flow rate available from an oxygen cylinder with the oxygen generation and replenishment of an oxygen concentrator. Empty oxygen cylinders become a thing of the past. By simply connecting an empty oxygen cylinder(s) (up to two H-size at once) to its discharge line and turning it on, it will automatically re-fill them to 2200 psi.

The Model CFP-15M turns itself off once the desired level of pressure is reached. It will top off most cylinders in a few hours, providing independence from traditional oxygen supply channels.

These mobile oxygen generation systems have the added benefit of being easily transported to battlefield hospitals. Unlike other portable systems, the Model CFP-15M can be assembled onto its own cart for mobility inside a hospital tent. This feature saves space, and eliminates the tripping hazard of other portable systems for (2) K-size cylinders, and a station for transfilling to smaller oxygen cylinders. Field assembly and set-up of the Model CFP-15M can be done in minutes.

Oxygen Quality

The Oxygen produced by this system will be of Medical Grade, conforming to the United States Pharmacopeia Standard for ‘Oxygen 93 Percent’. There is an oxygen purity monitor which operates continuously. Air and oxygen pressure is also monitored.


A password secured touch-screen monitor provides easy access to all system controls and readouts. The system is designed to run automatically and requires little attention once it is started. It has an automatic shutdown feature if oxygen purity drops, with display and audible alarms. The CFP-15M incorporates pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technology for oxygen generation. PSA oxygen generators have been used in many critical applications for years.

The design is modular, enabling quick and easy service. Should it be necessary, any of the major subsystems can be changed within minutes.

Product Gas:
Oxygen Quality Medical Grade - Conforming to USP for  
'Oxygen 93 Percent'
Oxygen Concentration 93%(±3%)
Carbon Dioxide Limit ³300 ppm
Carbon Monoxide Limit ³10 ppm
Oxygen Dewpoint -60°F (-51°C)
Oxygen Flow Rate 0-15 SCFH
(0-7 LPM)
Oxygen Pressure up to 2200 psi (152 bar)


*A standard cubic foot is a cubic foot of gas at 14.7 psia (sea level

atmospheric pressure) and 60 Degrees Farenheight



System Operation:

Feed Air Flow Rate

Standard Unit Includes Feed Air Systems
4 SCFM @ 40 psi

Feed Air Quality

ISO 8573.1 Class 4 Minimum or Grade D
(see below)

Sound Level

Door Open: 68 dBA @ 1 m
Door Closed: 62 dBA @ 1 m

Power Supply

115 VAC, 10 A, 60 Hz - standard




Measurements and Weights:

OGS Unit (top)

21" x 20" x 33" (W x D x H)
53 cm x 50 cm x 86 cm (W x D x H)

88 lb (40kg)

OCS Unit

19" x 20" x 23" (W x D x H)
47 cm x 51 cm x 58 cm

118 lb (54 kg)

Cart Only

27" x 36" x 39" (W x D x H)
68 cm x 92 cm x 100 cm (W x D x H)

96 lb (44 kg)

Cylinder Connection

CGA 540 Standard/CGA 870 Optional




ISO 8573.1 Air Quality Specifications:

Partivle Size

15 Microns


37OF (2.8OC) (940 ppmv)

Cylinder Connection

5 ppmv




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