Beadmaking, Lampworking & Glass Blowing Application

The OG-20 extracts oxygen from the atmosphere, concentrates it up to 93% +/- 3% purity, and delivers the oxygen to any application. It produces upwards of 20 SCFH (10 liters per minute) at 1 – 20 PSI (sea level conditions).


The OG-20 is completely self-contained. Its internal air compressor, filtration system, zeolite sieve, surge tank, and flow control system are designed for 24 hour operation.


The OG-20 is built on a powder coated steel chassis. Its anodized aluminum sieve beds are fitted with custom molded metal end caps for years of reliable service. Weighing only 80 pounds (36 Kg) the OG-20 is the industrial strength oxygen concentrator.


Why bother with the dangers of high-pressure cylinder oxygen? The OG-20’s built-in adjustable regulator allows you to set the delivery pressure according to your needs. The 1/3 Horsepower air compressor maintains an internal pressure of less than 32 psi, and delivers an optimal flow of oxygen at up to 20 psi.


Oxygen is free! Eliminate the unnecessary costs of transportation, storage, and cylinder rental. The OG- 20 uses less than 1/2 kilowatt of electricity to deliver up to 20 cubic feet of oxygen per hour.

Simple to Use and Maintain

With a lighted on/off switch, integrated control panel, digital hours meter, custom flow gauges and controls, the OG-20 is truly user friendly. Just plug it in, turn it on, and set the desired pressure and flow. On-going preventive maintenance is limited to replacing the internal air inlet filter every 6 months. The air compressor assembly is maintenance free and is rated for 10,000 hours of useful life. At that time, an inexpensive compressor “rebuild” is available. The zeolite sieve (which actually separates oxygen from nitrogen) is regenerative, and does not need to be replaced for the life of the unit (under normal operating conditions).

In conclusion, OGSI has a specific oxygen generating system for all of your torch requirements.

NOTE: SCF (standard cubic foot) gas measured at 1 atmosphere and 70°F and 0% humidity. Nm3 (normal cubic meters) gas measured at 1 atmosphere, 0°C and 0% relative humidity.