Emergency Management & Disaster Response

Are You Prepared?

With Oxygen Generating Systems Intl. (OGSI )’s Oxygen Generating Systems, care providers are assured that in the event of a disaster their oxygen supply chain will not be in jeopardy. By filling cylinders at your site, the uncertainty and logistics of delivered oxygen supplies are eliminated.

OGSI has products to assist you in times of:

  • Epidemic Outbreak (such as COVID-19)
  • Natural Disaster
  • Accidental Emergencies
  • Terrorism
  • Chemical / Biological Disaster

We have provided O2 systems to numerous federal and state agencies including FEMA, National Guard, Coast Guard, State Health Departments, Urban Search & Rescue, Hospitals, EMS, Ambulance, Fire & Rescue, Nursing homes, Department of Defense to name a few. FEMA’s National Preparedness Goal identifies five mission areas as an aid in organizing national preparedness activities. Having an onsite Oxygen Generator will ensure that you can administer oxygen as needed throughout the duration of an incident.

How will OGSI products help?

OGSI has designed various systems to assist you in an emergency. Our products can generate oxygen on-site, enable you to fill high pressure cylinders as well as administer low pressure oxygen directly to patients. These O2 plants can be put in trailers and containers to provide mobility.

Whether you requirements are for a Medical Oxygen Generating System (MOGS), a Cylinder Filling Plant (CFP), or a Mobile Oxygen Generating System, you can become self-sufficient and generate your own oxygen. Eliminating the cost and trouble of having cylinders delivered is just one benefit. Our systems are turn-key and easy to operate and maintain. They can be powered at your facility or from an electrical generator. OGSI provides solutions that will work in your every day usage of oxygen, as well as in times of crisis or distress.

You may qualify for grant funding. OGSI is in a partnership with FIRE GRANTS HELP to help with grant searches and grant writing.