Fire / EMS

Life-saving Oxygen for Firefighters and EMS Teams

Oxygen Generating Systems Intl. (OGSI) manufactures life-saving medical grade breathing oxygen for the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) industry.

OGSI provides a safe, efficient, low cost solution for our end users. Our Oxygen Generating Systems free you from the uncertainties and expenses associated with delivered oxygen. Generating your own oxygen ensures you have no disruption in production during times of natural disaster or accidental emergency, while reducing delivery and other costs over time.

OGSI manufactures Cylinder Filling Plants (CFP’s), which allow you to generate medical-grade oxygen and fill your own cylinders on-site. These units combine the high pressure and variable flow rate available from an O2 cylinder with the oxygen generation and replenishment of an oxygen concentrator. We provide turnkey systems capable of deployment where ever you need to produce oxygen. Our MOGS line of oxygen generators, the MOGS-20, MOGS-50, or MOGS100, is perfect for fire halls, ambulance teams, disaster preparedness shelters, and anywhere oxygen cylinder filling or continuous medical-grade oxygen is needed. The MOGS line of products can fill anywhere from 33 to 160 D-size cylinders per day, or 2 to 10 or the large H-sized cylinders per day. They clear digital displays with oxygen purity monitors. We also offer Mobile Units that can provide the high pressure required to fill cylinders or low pressure for administration directly to patients. These units can be housed on carts or trailers for easy mobility.

How it works

OGSI‘s Pressure Swing Adsorption technology extracts oxygen from the atmosphere, concentrating it to 93% (+/-3%) purity.

Need Grand Funding?

OGSI does not provide direct consulting on grant funding opportunities, but if you are looking for funding, we do suggest you look into all the info available on the website of our partner /, one of the internet’s largest databases with information and searches to help with firefighter and EMS grant funding for OGSI equipment. Many of our customers have received funding using the tools found here.


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