Sewage Treatment

Using Oxygen to Solve Waste Water Problems

Lack of oxygen can cause inadequate purification or even anaerobic decomposition, as well as offensive odors. Injecting oxygen into sludge beds &/or piping allows you to:

* Reduce nitrogen levels
* Meet peak O2 demands
* Have a back up to your aeration system
* Pre-purify waste water
* Control odors
* Deter corrosion damage
* Meet increased requirements regarding waste water purification


* Low cost of investment
* Quick solution
* Low maintenance
* Avoid high waste water charges
*Oxygen generators may be used in conjunction with ozone generators to reduce nitrate levels

Obtain Greater Efficiency by Using Enriched Oxygen at 93%

By injecting oxygen into your sludge plants, you can improve sludge settling, lower sludge load, and improve purification capacity. These improvements result in lower waste water levies and odorless purification. Eliminate the danger, expense, and logistical problems of liquid oxygen deliveries. An OGSI Oxygen System ensures that you pay only for the quantity and purity of oxygen that your system needs. Where a specific application may require ozone, OGSI oxygen generators can also be a benefit. PSA oxygen contains just enough argon, nitrogen and other trace gasses to maximize your ozone system’s efficiency, and reduce maintenance costs. For more info, visit Ozone Generators.

Easily Operated and Maintained

OGSI oxygen generators can be operated and maintained without extensive technical knowledge or training. Our easy to follow manuals, videos and on-site training will enable your staff to properly calibrate and maintain the system. Routine maintenance is limited to normal air compressor upkeep and periodic cleaning and replacement of filter elements.