Bigger, Healthier, More Fish with Dissolved Oxygen for your Fish Farm

The OGSI oxygen system is an efficient and cost-effective means by which to increase the dissolved oxygen (DO) level in an aquaculture system of any size. Farms are able to increase stocking densities and the fish are also healthier with a better taste when raised in an oxygen rich environment. Fill out the form or call one of our live US-based sales representatives at 1-800-414-6474 during regular business hours Eastern time configure a setup for your farm!

Why Dissolved Oxygen (DO) for Fish Farms?

Aquaculture and Fish Farming Oxygen Generators from OGSI / NOVAIR

Increased stock density


More and higher-quality fish


Rising reproduction rates


Cleaner tank for better tasting fish


Little to no ice in winter


Displaces excess nitrogen


Disinfecting feed gas for ozone


Talk WITH a US-BASED expert!

We can help you decide on the oxygen generator configuration for your specific operation. Please fill out some quick basic information about yourself and how you use oxygen, and a representative will get right back to you.


American Made
Compact Economical Design

Quick Return On Investment

Installed In Over 110 Countries
Industry Leader Since 1995

Get bigger, better, healthier, and more fish with Dissolved Oxygen (DO)

OGSI OG-1500 Rendering - NOVAIR USA - North Tonawanda, NY

OGSI’s Oxygen Generator (OG) can come in a variety of sizes so that you can find one right for your fish farming operation


Typical System Configuration Shown Above

Medical-grade Oxygen 24x7x365 at Incredible Cost Savings

Perfect for filling cylinders or for constant free-flow oxygen needed by:

  • Firefighters, Ambulance teams, EMS professionals, Disaster preparedness teams, Hospitals, Veterinary clinics, Fish fams, Water Treatment facilities, and many many other other medical and industrial applications.


“These machines have been phenomenal for us.” – Troy Gibbs – New Castle EMS, Indiana


“OGSI’s Oxygen Generator has run almost flawlessly in our system. It is an extremely reliable unit and well worth the investment.” –Lynn Borders, Chief Officer, Kootenai County ID, EMS


“Of all the equipment purchases I have made, none have had a faster, more assured return on investment than my OGSI Oxygen Generator.” Reed Stevens, DVM – Ellicott Small Animal Hospital, Buffalo, NY