Fourth Time In Two Years

As the costs of liquid oxygen continue to soar, the time for on-site oxygen generation is now

The price of liquid oxygen has increased dramatically over the last two years. According to published price increases, the major gas companies have increased the cost of liquid oxygen up to 75% since July, 2014 with supplemental increases of up to 50% for facility fees and up to 25% for cylinder rental fees along with various other increases.

When you add up ALL of the costs associated with delivered oxygen, those price increases equal a substantial increase in your operating costs. There are no hidden costs to generate medical grade oxygen, on-site and on-demand, with OGSI equipment. The only requirements are ambient air and electricity. Simple as that. Our equipment is safe, efficient, reliable and easy to maintain.

Call us today with your annual oxygen consumption and we’ll help you determine which system is appropriate for your needs.