Oxygen Generating Systems Intl. (OGSI) of North Tonawanda, NY is proud to announce that is taking part in the relief effort for Haiti.

OGSI has been commissioned to build several oxygen generating systems for hospitals in Haiti that are in need of onsite oxygen generation. The first system to be delivered to Haiti is capable of providing 500 liters of medical grade oxygen per minute and filling 10 high pressure H/K size cylinders a day. That is enough oxygen to provide a mid-sized hospital oxygen around the clock. A cylinder filling plant has also been manufactured for an organization in Haiti that plans to fill cylinders and transport them to various facilities in need.

“Our systems will provide a much needed resource to aid in the re-structuring of Haiti’s hospital system. We are thrilled that we were able to build these oxygen generating systems as quickly as we did and look forward to assisting with additional relief projects,” said President Joe McMahon.

Mr. McMahon plans to visit Haiti and handle the installation and start-up on both machines.

Local Company Suppliles Oxygen Generators to Haiti