Oxygen Generating Systems Intl. [OGSI] Sends Aid To Floridaone Disaster Medical Assistance Team

On August 31, 2005, OGSI sent an OGSI Model CFP-15 [Cylinder Filling Plant] to FloridaOne Disaster Medial Assistance Team [DMAT] to aid in the Hurricane Katrina relief efforts. The CFP-15 is an oxygen generating system that allows users to produce their own medical grade oxygen onsite and eliminates the dependence on delivery.

Jay Brosnan, Deputy Team Commander of FloridaOne DMAT, was “very surprised of its ease of use and the ability to be used so quickly.” And said it “would have been a great asset on day one.” The CFP-15 was deployed to both Bay St. Louis, Mississippi, and to Chalmette, Louisianna (St. Bernard Parish). “During the first three days post Hurricane Katrina in Waveland and Bay St. Louis, MS (Ground Zero) we saw over 4500 patients, most of them had been rescued from the debris field . . .” “The bottomline is that I can see a great use of this oxygen generating system during the first day of a major disaster” said Brosnan.

By simply mounting the CFP-15 unit to the wall and plugging it in to a standard electrical outlet or using a quick disconnect hose, FloridaOne DMAT had emergency oxygen available within minutes.

OGSI feels privileged to have been able to support the disaster recovery efforts in both Louisiana and Mississippi. And to those who were affected by Katrina’s unrelenting devastation, we send you a ray of hope.

For more information about OGSI‘s collaboration with FloridaOne DMAT or the CFP-15 unit, please contact John Conway at (800)414-6474 or ogsimail@ogsi.com.