by Niagara Wheatfield Tribune

Tri-Community ambulance service has upgraded several aspects of its facilities and services with the help of a FEMA grant totaling $53,000.

The federal grant is awarded to fire and EMS services across the country. Tri-Community’s grant was used for three projects. A 50-kilowatt emergency generator system was installed at the station to allow for uninterrupted service during any power outage. This will allow the station to function without compromise to such vital needs as lighting, radios and vehicle charging systems, according to Robin R. Zastrow, president/CEO.

Also acquired was person protective equipment for the company’s emergency responders. This equipment includes helmets, extrication gloves and protective jumpsuits. The gear is customized to allow not only for personal protection, but professional appearance as well, Zastrow said.

The third grant item is an oxygen generating station. Tri-Community has installed a CFP-15+ oxygen generator purchased from Oxygen Generating Systems International, a locally owned and operated company with headquarters on Wurlitzer Drive in North Tonawanda.

This unit separates the oxygen from all other components of atmospheric air and stores this 93 percent pure compressed oxygen in three large cylinders. Smaller portable cylinders (carried on the ambulances) are filled from this generating station. This is the first unit of its type in the region, proving Tri-Community remains on the cutting edge of technology in the EMS industry, Zastrow said. This newly acquired resource will be a major cost-cutting tool to Tri-Community by eliminating the need to purchase oxygen from private retail vendors. Tri-Community is also offering this product to surrounding emergency service agencies to allow for lower operational costs to those taxpayer-funded companies as well.

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