Oxygen Generating Systems for Use in Making Ozone

OGSI’s industry-leading ozone (O3) solutions with oxygen generators that bring:

Twice the output of air-fed systems . . .

As customers demand more ozone for less capital investment, oxygen is quickly replacing air as the industry’s preferred feed gas. Ozone output normally doubles when 93% oxygen is fed into the corona discharge.

. . . Half the trouble of liquid oxygen systems

Eliminate the danger, expense, and logistical problems of liquid oxygen deliveries. An OGSI Oxygen Generating System ensures that you pay only for the quantity and purity of oxygen that your system needs. PSA oxygen contains just enough argon, nitrogen, and other trace gases to maximize your ozone system’s efficiency and reduce maintenance costs.

OGSI Ozone Solutions

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Why OGSI Oxygen Systems for Ozone?

Safer and More Reliable
93% +/-3% Pure O2 On-demand
Saves Much More Money Over Time
OEM Configurations Available
Compact Economical Design


American Made
Industry Leader Since 1995
Tailor-Made Solutions
Installed in Over 110 Countries
Great Service and Support
Mobile Oxygen Generating Systems (MOGS) Line
OGSI's Oxygen Generator 100 (OG-100) produces 100 SCFU of medical grade oxygen

OGSI has a range of oxygen generators perfect for use with Ozone generation

OGSI Oxygen Generator for Ozone Generation

Standard configuration for Ozone generation

OGSI's OG-100 Oxygen Generator

OGSI’s American-made oxygen generators come in a range of sizes to make sure we are meeting your Ozone generating needs.


Talk WITH a US-BASED expert!


We can help you decide on the oxygen generators and ozone solutions that are right for your facility and your application. Please fill out some quick basic information about yourself and how you use oxygen or ozone, and a representative will get right back to you.

Medical-grade Oxygen 24x7x365

Incredible Cost Savings

Perfect for filling cylinders or for constant free-flow oxygen needed by:

  • Ozone-using Industries
  • Firefighters
  • Ambulance teams
  • EMS professionals
  • Disaster preparedness teams
  • Hospitals
  • Veterinary clinics
  • Fish farms
  • Water treatment, and
  • Many many other medical and industrial applications.


“These machines have been phenomenal for us. They keep our ambulances going with no downtime” – Troy Gibbs – New Castle EMS, Indiana


“The MOGS-100 Oxygen Generator has run almost flawlessly in our system. It is an extremely reliable unit and well worth the investment.” –Lynn Borders, Chief Officer, Kootenai County ID, EMS


“Of all the equipment purchases I have made, none have had a faster, more assured return on investment than my OGSI Oxygen Generator.” Reed Stevens, DVM – Ellicott Small Animal Hospital, Buffalo, NY