Oxygen Generator 50 to 5,500 (OG-50 to OG-5500)


OGSI‘s Oxygen Generator (OG) line of high-quality, American-made generators range in output from the OG-50, producing 50 SCFH (around 25 LPM) all the way up to the OG-5,500, producing 5,500 SCFH of oxygen flow (around 2,500 LPM), with even larger or non-standard generators available upon request. At OGSI, You’ll never pay for capacity you don’t need.

These units are available with telemetric communication packages. The plant can be monitored from our factory to facilitate quicker service or software updates.

Oxygen Generator 50 to Oxygen Generator 5,500 by SCFH (OG-50 to OG-5500)

OGSI's full line of high-quality oxygen generators, from the compact OG-50 to the large OG-5500, produce a constant-flow oxygen of up to 95% purity at 45-60 psi for any application you need. Our market-leading Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology means little to no downtime with proper minimal maintenance. OGSI oxygen generators can be designed in a number of custom ways to fit the needs of anyone who wants a cost effective way to generate constant medical-grade oxygen for use in healthcare, or for a number of industrial uses, getting rid of costly delivery. Simply contact us to let us know how you use oxygen, and we will help you figure out the best oxygen generator size (in Standard Cubic Feet per Hour-SCFH) and how we can help you fulfill your needs, saving money and increasing reliability through the power of on-site oxygen 24x7x365.

OGSI Oxygen Generators (OG) Standard Configuration