Oxygen Generating System 40 (OGS-40)


With the OGS-40 from OGSI, now you can eliminate dependence on costly liquid or cylinder oxygen delivery by generating your own oxygen in your clinic, workshop, or other setting. This reliable compact unit fits well into a closet or other area of a Veterinary Clinic, temporary shelter area, or any place where you need medical grade oxygen. The OGS-40 is a turnkey solution that is ready to plug in and begin using. It is fully automatic, easy to maintain, and produces a continuous flow of medical-grade oxygen

Economical and easy, the OGS-40 model requires a modest capital investment that pays for itself in a short while by providing an up to 80% reduction in clinical oxygen costs coming from delivery. All you need is air and electricity to produce free-flowing medical grade oxygen anytime on-demand.

The OGSI reliable and durable Oxygen Generating System 40 (OGS-40) is perfect for Veterinary Clinics and other health applications where medical-grade oxygen is needed on-site 24x7x365 at the push of a button. This powerful, yet compact OGS-40 model comes with the power of dual units that allow for built-in redundancy to make sure operating rooms or other applications always have life-saving oxygen as long as there is electricity and clean air available.

Join the growing number of clinics that have ended their dependence on expensive liquid and compressed oxygen deliveries. With the OGS-40, all you need is air and electricity to produce medical-grade oxygen. Like most OGSI systems, the OGS-40 averages only 3.5 kilowatts of electricity per 100 cubic feet of oxygen produced, paying for itself within months.

It's really plug and play! The OGS-40 is easy to maintain. Each system can be operated without extensive technical knowledge or training needed. Easy to follow manuals, videos and onsite training will teach your staff how to properly calibrate and maintain the system. Routine maintenance is limited to normal air compressor upkeep and periodic replacement of oxygen generator filters.

The OGS-40 works well in a Veterinary Clinic, but also works for a range of medical and industrial needs where a quick plug in unit is needed. Please contact us today to learn for more.

The system produces medical grade oxygen in accordance with the US Pharmacopeia specifications. There is a continuous gas quality monitoring system included with automatic shutdown if a fault occurs. OGSI is the only onsite oxygen generator manufacturer to offer equipment with trans-filling and blast containment.