Plug and Play Oxygen Generators


OGSI can meet your immediate oxygen needs with a line of special compact plug-and-play oxygen generators that are can be simply carried or wheeled-in to any facility. These special plug-and-play oxygen generators are easy to move and can immediately begin producing medical-grade oxygen once plugged-in to the correct dedicated electrical outlet.

The OG-20 oxygen generator, for instance, is a completely self-contained steel-covered full oxygen generator that is slightly over 2 feet tall and only 74 lbs., fitting just about anywhere. The durable OG-20 includes an internal air compressor, aluminum sieve beds with state-of-the-art molecular filtration materials, and flow control systems designed for continuous use. Producing up to 22 SCFH (or 10 Liters Per Minute at 1-15 PSIG) of medical grade oxygen at up to 95% purity, the high-quality industrial strength OG-20 provides years of dependable, reliable, and maintenance-free operation.

The Oxygen Generating System (OGS) line of plug-and-play products includes the OGS-20 horizontal or vertical versions, the doubly powerful OGS-40, and the coming soon OGS-60. The OGS line are used widely at Veterinary clinics, healthcare facilities, and by a range of other industrial users the world over seeking incredibly easy to use high-quality medical-grade oxygen generators that serve as low-maintenance workhorses. The OGS line of fully-automatic oxygen generators are economical, averaging only 3.5 kilowatts of electricity per 100 cubit feet of oxygen produced. This means they can greatly reduce costs compared with oxygen bottle delivery, paying for itself and saving you money in a matter of months.

The OG-15 and OG-20 shown in the video here are only a couple of the unique, compact, durable, and powerful OGSI plug-and-play systems available.


Energy Efficient

OGSI's plants are the most energy efficient plants on the market. Extract oxygen directly from the atmosphere and deliver it to any medical or industrial application with an OGSI oxygen generator.

Dependable – MADE IN USA

Every PLC-controlled generator is assembled and tested in our North Tonawanda, NY production facility. The zeolite sieve is factory sealed in solid steel tanks, and rarely needs replacement. With very few moving parts, our generators are built to provide thousands of hours of continuous, reliable service. Routine maintenance is as simple as changing an air filter.


From their precision-welded tank assemblies, to their robust manifolds, our generators operate in the harsh environments of Africa, Asia, South America and the Yukon.


Eliminate the unnecessary costs of transportation, storage and cylinder rental. OGSI’s oxygen generators are economically priced so that you can realize a return on investment within a short period of time. Supplying oxygen for as little as 3 kW/100 SCF, OGSI’s oxygen generators are the most energy efficient plants available.

Unfamiliar with PSA Oxygen Systems?

Our Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) oxygen generators are quickly becoming the technology of choice for a variety of healthcare and industry applications. Call, fax or contact us our website to request a personalized quotation. OGSI can provide the proper air compressor, air dryer and storage tank combination to optimize your oxygen system. We can assemble the system and test it in our factory before shipment. All components can be mounted to a steel skid and pre-wired for easy transportation and set-up.