Reliable Oxygen for Animal Hospitals and Veterinary Clinics

We are the leading manufacturer of compact, durable, US-made oxygen generators for animal hospitals and veterinary clinics. Our PSA generators fit in small spaces and ensure reliable oxygen to your operating theater, consultation room, cylinders, or wherever you need oxygen. Our technology uses ambient air to produce medical grade oxygen available 24x7x365. Join the thousands of DVM’s that have upgraded to onsite oxygen to save money, save space, and improve safety.
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Medical-grade Oxygen 24x7x365 with Incredible Cost Savings

Perfect for Filling Cylinders or Constant Free-flow Oxygen

Why On-site Oxygen?


No Unsafe Cylinder Handling


Most Economical O2 Solution

Saves Much More Money Over Time

Powerful & Compact to Save Space


American Made
Compact Economical Design

Quick Return On Investment

Installed In Over 110 Countries
Industry Leader Since 1995
OGSIs plug and play Oxygen Generating System 40 (OGS-40)

OGSI’s plug-and-play Oxygen Generating System 40 (OGS-40) is perfect for Veterinary Clinics and other medical settings.

OGSI Oxygen for Veterinary Clinics
Happy Dogs with OGSI Oxygen Generators


Talk WITH a US-BASED expert!


We can help you decide on the oxygen generator that is right for your facility and your application. Please fill out some quick basic information about yourself and how you use oxygen, and a representative will get right back to you.

Medical-grade Oxygen 24x7x365

Incredible Cost Savings

Perfect for filling cylinders or for constant free-flow oxygen needed by:

  • Firefighters
  • Ambulance teams
  • EMS professionals
  • Disaster preparedness teams
  • Hospitals
  • Veterinary clinics
  • Fish farms
  • Water treatment, and
  • Many many other medical and industrial applications.


“These machines have been phenomenal for us. They keep our ambulances going with no downtime” – Troy Gibbs – New Castle EMS, Indiana


“The MOGS-100 Oxygen Generator has run almost flawlessly in our system. It is an extremely reliable unit and well worth the investment.” –Lynn Borders, Chief Officer, Kootenai County ID, EMS


“Of all the equipment purchases I have made, none have had a faster, more assured return on investment than my OGSI Oxygen Generator.” Reed Stevens, DVM – Ellicott Small Animal Hospital, Buffalo, NY