What is a Mobile Oxygen Generating System (MOGS) For?

The Mobile Oxygen Generating System (MOGS) by NOVAIR USA / OGSI is truly one of a kind. More than a simple oxygen generator that can fill cylinders with medical grade life-saving oxygen, the MOGS merges the top capabilities of all market-leading PSA technology systems into one super multi-use machine. It incorporates many unique features, while remaining affordable, durable, and a big budget-saver over time. The MOGS is a great solution for EMS teams, ambulances, firehalls, disaster preparedness systems, and anywhere first responders or medical personnel need medical-grade oxygen on-hand in the safest, easiest manner possible. That’s because having a MOGS onsite has tons of advantages over oxygen delivery.

What Makes a MOGS Special? It’s Mobility!

One of the main advantages of a MOGS is that it’s so portable. The smallest MOGS of the line, the MOGS-20, comes standard with wheels, while the larger MOGS-50 and MOGS-100 both have wheels as an option. The difference in models is all about the amount of oxygen output per day, depending on need. All units are compact enough to fit through a regular-sized door frame and can be loaded onto trucks.

OGSI can even tailor make a specialized enclosed trailer with a diesel generator on board, to be immediately deployed to the most devastated areas in any large-scale disaster. This all means the MOGS can be easily transported to any forward location where cylinders of any size need filling, or even where free-flowing oxygen is needed, such as for people recovering in a temporary medical field hospital or tent shelter.

The MOGS can even act as a clinical constant oxygen source with tubing that goes right to patient beds. They can be set up in any ambulance center or fire-hall to fill vehicle oxygen directly, without having to transport dangerous cylinders, pumping out 93% +/-3% pure oxygen 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. With the portable MOGS, you can set it in a corner, or just transport it to where it’s needed most, without the need for extra safety precautions or training.

Why is a MOGS Effective for Firehalls, Ambulance Facilities, and Disaster Preparedness?

Another big advantage of our MOGS line is the relatively low cost, with units starting at a one-time all-inclusive payment of around $53,000. After that, you only pay for replacement air filters if you wish, along with the cost of regular electricity it takes to run the unit, to produce all the oxygen you could ever need for years to come. This represents a cost that is significantly less over time than constantly paying by the bottle for replaceable oxygen cylinders.

Being jam-packed with features is what makes the MOGS a one-of-a-kind, and the market leading oxygen generating machine.

Mobile Oxygen Generating System (MOGS) in the Factory
Mobile Oxygen Generating System (MOGS) in a Mobile Trailer


Videos of the MOGS Advantages

A very brief video showing some of the key advantages of a MOGS-20


A more in-depth video explaining the advantages of a mobile oxygen generating system (MOGS)

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